February 2020 - #ManxMondays 

I was thrilled to have been asked to Join my good friends Isla and Tomas Callister for this really uplifting set of Manx Tunes, Betsy Baker & The Girls of Balladoole. Go and check out Isla's Instagram for more of her fabulous playing.

These two tunes are also due to feature in a Manx Traditional Tunes album which Tom and I will be pulling together as soon as we can meet again so watch this space!



December 2020 - Mec Lir "Livewire"

The new album went on sale and went straight to Number 1 in the World Music iTunes Chart!

It's taken a good few years to produce but we did, as co-arranger and performer (piano, violin, strings & synths) I can honestly say this album is fun and full to the brim of Trad, 80s, synth and dance beats. What's not to like?

Click to have a listen and give us a follow (we won't disappoint)  

Winterfest No3 finished and what a blast that was, we had a right laugh, a few cries and even some jaw dropping moments....

Posted by Manannan's Winterfest on Saturday, 12 December 2020



Winterfest No 3 at the Gaiety was a spectacular sell out evening, full to brim of the Island's top performers. 

As well as directing & producing the show, I also arrange music to bring as many performers together into a unique night of entertainment. 

We laughed, cried and most of all left feeling very Christmassy indeed!

Until next year....


Treisht 2020 Culture Vannin;

Musical backing themes composed for creatives wishing to learn and improvise with their instrument during Lockdown.

 Kiaull Cooyl - Music backing tracks

There were three styles using Strings Piano, Guitar & Synth;

A or G Major Reel with Heavy 4/4 Beat

A or B Minor Jig with syncopated 6/8

A or B Minor Slow Air, Slow 4/4 March

I was amongst 11 other artists to produce a piece of work for the initiative, Beth Louella's artwork (left) was probably my favourite of the whole collective.

Visit Isle of Man - The Extraordinary Story 2

Music Composed for a campaign showcasing the distinctive heritage, culture and exceptional visitor experience in the Isle of Man. 

Also featured on ITV & Sky TV & National Geographic